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Technical Details

Interesting Information on the printing process and more...

In this area you can read up on how the Drudix photo books are manufactured. In doing so you will find out interesting details about the successive production steps, e.g. the printing process or quality check.

Here you can inform yourself about how the outstanding quality of our photo books is accomplished.

By reading these preview texts you can get a first impression. To read the complete description of a production step click on the according link.

Printing process of your photobook

Printing precision ...
We use high quality material for printing only
Here we bring your pictures to paper.

Of course we only use high quality material for digital printing.

Therewith and with brilliant and with particularly abiding printing colors you will have lasting fun with your Drudix photo book... [more]

The golden step ...
The binded pages will be trimmed
Here the binded pages are being trimmed.

Computerized process control and and a trained eye make your Drudix photo book a masterpiece with neat corners and edges.

Now the pages and the cover are being put together. Both are manufactured in... [more]

A convincing cover!
A special binding method for our photo books is used here
Every book is only as good as its cover. How many cook books from industrial mass production dissolve right at your favorite recipe?

Sheet after sheet loosens until only a loose collection of papers is left.

And what's worse than a bent corner on the cover?